Thursday, June 14, 2018

My Spanish 1A Lesson Plans Available As Ebook on Amazon for 9.99!

Okay, don't pass out, but...I finally worked out how I could make my lesson plan books available as ebooks as well as 8.5x11 paperbacks on Amazon!!!!

My Spanish 1A 2009 ebook is available for purchase now for 9.99. You can download my book, then download the Kindle e-reader for free to any mobile, tablet, notebook, laptop, or desktop device. If you want to project the quizzes, vocab, etc. to a screen just go to the lesson or page you want and enlarge it so students can read it.

You can also now order the gorgeous, professionally bound printed version of Spanish 1A 2009 on Amazon for $39.95 (and right now the Amazon page for the print version says "free shipping!")

I will be putting all of my lesson plan books on Amazon over the next few weeks. Follow me as an author on Amazon and you'll get notified every time I publish a new lesson plan book. Here is the link.

Please let all your Spanish teacher friends know that they can get their hands on my lesson plans both electronically and in print for a greatly reduced price now that I am not personally handling the printing, packaging, and shipping of my own lesson plan books. Hallelujah!

9/4/18 UPDATE: All my books are now available as ebook as well as print on Amazon. The easiest way to see the entire list is to go to my author page.

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