Lesson Plan Books

My lesson plan books are available in ebook (print replica format) as well as in print (8.5x11 glossy-cover paperbacks) on Amazon.

Just click on the links below for the level(s) to check out full descriptions as well as see sample pages and lessons from the books themselves. (Click on "Look Inside.) Go to my Author Page on Amazon to see the full line-up of everything in one place.

If you would like to see my full Scope and Sequence throughout all the levels in one place, that would be here.

Level 1 High School Spanish

Updated version of 1B lessons and supplemental docs (2017-18,) on TPT (coming soon)

Level 2 High School Spanish
Spanish 2A ebook $9.99

2A supplemental documents on TPT (coming soon)

2B supplemental documents on TPT (coming soon)

Level 3 High School Spanish
Spanish 3A ebook $9.99

3A supplemental documents on TPT (coming soon)

3B supplemental documents on TPT (coming soon)

Level 4 High School Spanish
Spanish 4A ebook $9.99

4A supplemental documents on TPT (coming soon)
4B supplemental documents on TPT (coming soon)

Level 1 Spanish 2005 Version for Middle School

Level 1 English Version of my 2005 Lesson Plans for Middle School

English 1B in print--There is no print of English 1B because it got rejected by Amazon even though it's formatted exactly the same as all my other books and I can't get the KDP phone reps to budge on their robotic answers when I call to complain. So, email me if you want a print version and I'll invoice you and ship it to you myself out of my closet: waltmania at gmail dot com.

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