Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Level 3 Spanish Lesson Plans Ready Date...

People are emailing and calling me asking when the Level 3 Spanish Lesson Plans will be ready, so here is the answer:  I plan to have them up for sale online by July 31, both 3A and 3B.  The stories are 95% written minus about 4 or 5 on the ends of each semester; all the quizzes and tests are written; the vocab lists as well as the Spanish discussion "Questions of the Day" are all written...what isn't finalized are the lesson plans themselves.  They are all scribbled in my lesson plan book and have to be typed and shaped up.  I also have to draw a bunch of stick figures for story retells.  All that may be more information than you care to hear, but some people want to know what I still have to do, I mean, wasn't I writing the lesson plan books as I went this year?  Yes...just enough to get by in class...stories and quizzes and tests and the bare minimum activities/project assignments/etc.  Writing basically 50 stories this year (25 each semester) is a LOT of work.  A Lot.  Mucho.  Okay?

What about Level 4/AP?  I did write several stories for Level 4/AP.  I think about 10.  We were kind of all over the place in that level just trying to get ready for the AP Exam, which I am not ashamed to admit since it was my first year teaching AP Spanish Language.  I don't have anything I could publish as a lesson plan book yet for 4/AP.  This Fall we're going to be able to split Spanish 4 (I'll have about 20 students in there) and AP Spanish (34 enrolled last time I checked,) which will be a huge relief, but it also means that I'm sort of reinventing the wheel lesson-plan-wise.  My goal is to have something for Spanish 4 and/or AP the following summer.

Well, I'm off to Costa Rica for awhile...more when I get back!

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  1. Writing lesson plan books! I found you via a search for a lesson plans for my primary students - your way ahead of my me! I was also using TES Lesson Plans and found some useful Spanish resources there too. Good luck with the travels


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