Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spanish 4A "La vida contemporánea" Lessons in Action!

We just started my "La vida contemporánea/Argentina" unit in 4A, for which we discussed the definition or description of Contemporary Life in Spanish as well as graphed our ideas. Students first made a simple web of ideas with a partner:
And then we compiled everyone's ideas in a big web on the whiteboard:
My fours are accustomed to skits being the main source of Spanish instruction so this heavy culture-discussion thing in Spanish is a big step for them...a few of them aren't too crazy about it, but I have to say, every one of them did participate and contribute ideas when we were doing the partner-web and the big web on the whiteboard.

Tomorrow they will be on the second skit,  "The Guy Who Didn't Take the Class Seriously" (with AP vocab "School and Office,") so those few who were worn out by having to talk about modern life in Spanish for 40 minutes will get a fun, familiar break and hopefully not abandon ship on me. I'm liking it!

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