Monday, September 29, 2014

Fixed link for "Street Food Argentina Hamburger" in Spanish 4A

Hi all, if you are using my Spanish 4A lesson plans this fall and you are pacing about the same as I am, then you are going to need this new link for 4A Lesson 9, La vida contemporánea parte 5, Topic 1:

“Street food Argentina Hamburger”

The link I found this summer is now gone, but like any of the links I provided in the 4A lessons, you can usually find the same video by searching on the title.  Even if you don't find exactly the same one, you can usually find a suitable substitute (but be careful showing un-vetted videos from Youtube in class...if you do, do a little disclaimer speech ("Hey you guys, I haven't screened this video ready to hide your eyes!"  and be ready to stop the video if things get inappropriate.)

Love the above video for class discussion about cultural comparisons between Argentina and the U.S. by the way.  It's short, kind of self-explanatory and strangely fascinating, and you can have a lot of simple Spanish conversation about what is different about this hamburger from our normal burgers.

Okay, back to work!

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