Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Grammar Resources I Like and Use

I just wanted to share a list of the Grammar workbooks I like and use. I'm not big on the grammar exercises in most textbooks and their ancillary materials (and unfortunately, Exprésate's are unusually difficult to work with in class,) so I use these workbooks (available on Amazon.com) as resources:

·       McGraw Hill Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Verb Tenses – Dorothy Devney Richmond
·       McGraw Hill Practice Makes Perfect Complete Spanish Grammar – Gilda Nissenberg
·       Barron’s Spanish Verb Workbook – Frank H. Nuessel

I pick and choose from among the activities in these books and cobble together my own grammar worksheets (literally cutting and taping things together.) I talk about the grammar point and take notes on the grammar worksheets under a document camera while my class copies what I write and/or does some of the exercises by themselves for a few minutes and then we check the answers under the document camera. Nothing overly fancy. For homework, I normally write my own, making it as basic as possible (fill in the blank with a conjugated verb, usually.)

I keep my grammar lesson as the final 15 minutes or so of a 90-minute block, with the main focus of the block being the vocab gesturing and skit.

This works well for me, but please comment and share your own grammar teaching ideas below!

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