Sunday, October 7, 2018

Spanish 1A Lesson 9 Story Video

All right. Enough of this spending hours trying to make pre-animated people look like they are doing something besides just standing there waving at you. I decided to just try narrating my story with my own stick figure drawings and this little video is what I came up with. (And yes, I AM a big dork, as you will see and hear for yourself!)

I was cracking myself up with my attempts at voice acting, plus my camera work is admittedly pretty homemade, but hey. This only took me about an hour to produce (two takes) as opposed to five hours last Sunday with Powtoon.

I tried to slow the narration down quite a bit due to feedback I received from my students on last week's (Spanish 1A Lesson 8) animated video. I'll debut this new one in class this week and see how it goes. They weren't super thrilled with the animated story video in terms of being able to learn from it, but seemed to love the vocab one, so I made another vocab one for Lesson 9 with Powtoon:

This is definitely a work in progress, but so is teaching itself, so...welcome to my journey. :-)

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