Thursday, January 9, 2020

Spanish 1 for Middle School - Now Live in my TPT Store

Wow, the skits in this book are...weird.

Okay, at long last, I have created the packs of lesson materials for both of my older 2005 Middle School Spanish 1 books.

I confess, I have not looked at these skits for years. Years and years. So as I was going through each page creating the products for TPT, I got the pleasure--if that's the right word?--of reacquainting myself with my "masterpieces" contained in these older books.

The Spanish 1A 2005 for Middle School skits cracked me up. I made that product yesterday and laughed the whole way through while I was updating the formatting. I see why that book still sells well after all these years. (yay, me!)

Today, however, I did my Spanish 1B 2005 for Middle School word docs product. The skits in that book are stunningly weird, dark, and odd...lots of strange purse situations, monsters, mean people, and eating. Eating of mud, paper, sickening dishes cooked by a controlling girlfriend, and a vacuum cleaner that eats the evil stepmother. Who lives to tell about it from the belly of the vacuum cleaner.

I'm like, hm, what was going on in my life in the Spring of 2005 when I wrote these bizarre skits??? All I can say is, I was teaching middle school then and you kind of go a little crazy when you spend your entire day with 12 and 13-year-olds. So, if you are in the mood for dark, gross, and strange, my 1B 2005 lesson plan book is your ticket.

An oldy but a goody.

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