Monday, December 15, 2014

Spanish 4B Available to Order!

My Spanish 4B (2nd semester Spanish 4) lesson plan book is at the printer and available to order at this link. I should be able to start shipping the books Friday December 19th. I'm having some website issues at the moment so I don't yet have a link to the 4B vocab list or to a sample lesson from 4B, but it's in exactly the same format as 4A (alternating vocab + skit lessons with culture + grammar lessons.) The two AP themes in 4B are Desafíos mundiales with El Salvador as a focus country, and Belleza y estética with México as a focus country. The vocab is still drawing from a couple of AP vocab lists I use, and the grammar topics covered are adjectives (gender and number, placement, shortened forms, demonstratives and possessives,) future tense, conditional mood, present subjunctive, present and past perfect, and past subjunctive.

Off to Finals Week madness this morning...hope everyone has a good Winter Break!

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